Payout winch G7

G7 - DHV certified DHV 05-0034-16 towing system for fast, reliable, safe work:

  • Automatic stop after collecting the line
  • Collecting line while driving
  • Electromechanical line guillotine
  • Cooling fan for superior brake drum cooling
  • Can  be mounted on a tow hitch, inside or outside vehicle
  • ~8-12 tows per hour in a 1500m road, towing up to 500m altitude
  • Remote control unit for tension and line collection

Payout winch G7 manual

Winching paragliders - undiscovered flying opportunity

Improve your paragliding business

Payout winch G7 is an easy way to open new SIV or Acro training spot's. Towing up to 1000m is possible. Train new maneuvers, increase your confidence, enjoy.

It's quite easy to mount G7 in any car or boat. G7 is mounted on a sturdy foundation in witch four holes is drilled. As an option we could provide a plaform to mount G7 winch on a car tow hitch.

Open new commercial tandeming spots

Our clients around the world are succsesfuly opening new flying spots on beaches crowded with tourists. It's an adventure not only for a passanger but for a pilot also. With G7 it's so easy to fly anywhere and start your own paragliding business.

Our clients shared success stories about towing more tandems than all the local pilots flying from the mountains combined.

Support Spot Landing or Cross Country competitions

Here in Lithuania we developed a method of towing paraglider pilots one by one on the same road. Every 1min 30s pilot releases from a tow line. 40 pilots gaggle can be up in the air in an hour. For such constant towing 2-3 winches are used.

G7 winch specifications

Dimensions while packed 55x46x32 cm
Dimensions prepared to work 106x46x32 cm
Weight 56 kg
Mounting type Flat surface or tow hitch (BS ISO 1103:2007) using mounting bracket
Max. towing power 150 kg
Rewind motor power 0.9 KW
Rewind speed ~800 m/min.
Collected line detection Yes
Remote control cable length 5 m
Power cable length 6 m
Tow line capacity (Dyneema 2,6 mm) ≦1800 m (2.6 mm)
Recommended battery capacity >≧55 Ah
Instant line cut system - guillotine Yes
Brake pad life cycle ~2000 tows
  • Winch replacement parts and accessories:

  • Towing dyneema rope 0,40€/1m + VAT
  • Drogue chutes 150€ + VAT
  • Replacement brake pads set 60€ + VAT
  • Brushes for electric engine 20€ + VAT
  • Power cables 6m (one cable set is included with the winch) 100€ + VAT
  • Tow hitch adapter 120€ + VAT
  • Weak Links 28€ + VAT

Free winch training course 

We are glad to share our towing experience with our clients. Free trainings courses could be held at any season time, but the best weather is in spring and summer. Training courses are held in Valkininkai paragliding airfield, Lithuania. Off site tow tech clinics can be arranged as well at a reasonable expense.

Worldwide shipping

paraglidign spicbergen

We work with our customers directly, so shipping our products fast and safe is very important. Winch weight is only 46kg, that's why we can use international transport companies to arrange best shipping deals. Prices within Europe usually does't exceed 150 Eur. Shipping to USA or Canada up to 350 Eur. To be just about right it would cost from 150 to 450 Eur to ship winch anywhere.

Order processing

  • Place your order via email or our enquiry form. Please provide us your shipping destination address.
  • We check our stock availability, find the best transportation option and send you Proforma Invoice.
  • Once we receive 50% prepayment your order will be placed in a production line. It can take from two to five weeks to produce a winch if there is no winch'es in stock.
  • After successful winch testing, you'll be asked for the final payment
  • Once we receive your payment - winch is shipped

G7 payout winch, full set

  • Drogue chute
  • 1600m 2.6mm dyneema line
  • Free power cable set
  • Free winch training course(be our guest)
  • 2yrs guarantee
  • DHV certification
  • PRICE: 5790 + VAT