Drogue chute

  • Keeps up to 2000m line in the air
  • Durable - Skytex reinforced with Dyneema
  • Stays folded while towing
  • Dramaticly increases lifespan of winchline.
  • Is suited  for Payout or Paying setups
  • Collect winch towline while it's flying. The best way to do it is by using our must have Towing Kite with drogue chute.

With Payout Winch G7 it gives just enouth support to colect the line every time without touching the ground. That's the main reason why towline on a payout winch lasts longer then the static winch line with rounded chutes. Every tow it barely touches the ground. At least not the last 50-100m wich is layed down at the begining of the towing procedure.

The kite made from durable Skytex fabric. Reinforced with Dyneema lines. Our experience shows that with a proper use it should last from two to three flying seasons.

162€ For EU business or customers outside EU

  • 150€ drogue chute
  • 12€ worldwide shipping

196.02€ For EU residents

  • 150€ drogue chute
  • 12€ worldwide shipping
  • Lithuania 21% VAT 34.02€ VAT