Paragliding and Hang gliding payout winch G8

  • Paraglider towing
  • Hang glider towing
  • Commercial tandem operation
  • 360° rotating tower
  • Automatic collected line stop
  • Collecting line while driving
  • Emergency line guillotine
  • Internal cooling fan for superior brake drum cooling
  • Multiple mounting options: boat, car, tow hitch
  • Fast turn around ~6-20 times per hour. 150m – 1000m altitude
  • Remote tension and line rewind control (6m cable)
  • Smooth feel while on the tow. Same as hydraulic systems.

Winch control and it’s functions

  1. Tension limit (on)100daN/(off)130daN
  2. LED yellow – rotation of the rope drum 
  3. LED green – indicates zero pressure
  4. Tension gauge 100psi=100daN
  5. Automatic line rewind
  6. Manual line rewind
  7. Tension adjustment
  8. Sound buzzer
  9. Guillotine

Winch set for towing

Precision CNC manufacturing

  • Full CNC body
  • Full line protection from looping
  • More powerfull rewind motor. 1500W instead of 900W (on G7)
  • Electronic pressure measurement. No hydraulics is used.
  • 2x Increased cooling fan output
  • Dimensions while packed 56x48x33 cm
  • Dimensions prepared to work 108x48x33 cm

Winch specifications

Dimensions while packed56x48x33 cm
Dimensions prepared to work108x48x33 cm
Mounting typeFlat surface or tow hitch (BS ISO 1103:2007) using mounting bracket
Tension range0-130daN
Rewind motor power1.5 KW
Collected line detectionYes
Remote control cable length5 m
Power cable length6 m
Tow line capacity(Dyneema 2,5 mm) 1600 m
Recommended car/boat battery capacity≧55 Ah
Instant line cut system – guillotineYes
Max towing altitude1100m
Operating temperature-20 to +35C

Car tow hook compatable

Any car or quad can be equipped with G8 by using car tow hook adapter.

Chase the world record

Towing is a safer way to take off in strong winds. Since 2016 our products is widely used by Pro Pilots while chasing the world record in Brazilian Sertao. A Swiss German company FlyWithAndy is providing TOP service quality by towing, tracking and retrieving pilots for the flights of their life.

Crazy stunts is possible, don’t do this at home

Volvo truck and the famous stunt – flying under the bridge was made possible due to sensitivity of our payout winch and our team member in a truck.

Train new pilots

Winching is a faster way to train new pilots.  Sensible tension adjustment makes pilots and instructors feel confident about the training process. 800m field enables towing  every 4min. No time required to change towing direction in case wind direction shifts. (compared to static winches)

Start a tandem business

One winch and two pilots – its the best combination if you want to reach crazy numbers. 8 flights per hour. Winch is not the limit anymore. Take your friends and family members. Serious companies are able to make 40+ tandems a day. Buy some adds, take the winch and you are ready to go.

Open SIV spot

Towing by boat is smooth, no matter how high is the waves. Setups with our winches woking in Italy, French Polynesia(Tahiti), Japan, India, Lithiuania and many more places. Towing is possible with the boat from 55hp on a lake, and from 100hp in the open waters. Towing altitude up to 1100m. Perfect for any SIV maneuver

Make a flatland competition

Here in Lithuania we have a unique approach for competitions. 3-5 payout winches is working on the same road simultaneously. Towing a gaggle of 45-50 pilots. One winch can tow up to 8-10 pilots per hour. Turnaround depends on the altitude. Usually we go 500-700m.

Tow hang gliders

Smooth, safe and fast towing of hang gliders is possible. We even can foot launch. Have full control of the winch and ensure safety for the pilot.