Paragliding and Hang gliding winch G8

Payout winch G8 – your reliable towing tool

  • Paraglider towing
  • Hang glider towing
  • Commercial tandem operation
  • 360° rotating tower
  • Automatic collected line stop
  • Collecting line while driving
  • Emergency line guillotine
  • Internal cooling fan for superior brake drum cooling
  • Multiple mounting options: boat, car, tow hitch
  • Fast turn around ~6-20 times per hour. 150m – 1000m altitude
  • Remote tension and line rewind control (6m cable)
  • Smooth feel while on the tow. Same as hydraulic systems.

Train new pilots

Winching is a faster way to train new pilots.  Sensible tension adjustment makes pilots and instructors feel confident about the training process. 800m field enables towing  every 4min. No time required to change towing direction in case wind direction shifts. (compared to static winches)

G8 – compleatly updated winch generation

  • Full CNC body
  • Full line protection from looping
  • More powerfull rewind motor. 1500W instead of 900W (on G7)
  • Electronic pressure measurement. No hydraulics is used.
  • 2x Increased cooling fan output
  • Dimensions while packed 56x48x33 cm
  • Dimensions prepared to work 108x48x33 cm

Open SIV spot

  • Towing up to 1000m+ altitude.
  •  5 pilots in 2 days, up to 100 flights, or 10 flights for each pilot.
  • Fast vehicle preparation. Use same winch for multiple vehicles.

No special vehicle requirements

  • G7 tow hitch mounting option
  • Winch preparation less than 30mins
  • Powered by same 12V car battery

Commercial operation

  • 8-10 tandem flights per hour
  • Sea operation from crowded beaches
  • Taking off and landing from the same location

Hang glider towing

  • Boat operation
  • Car tow operation
  • Tandem operation

Winch specifications

Dimensions while packed 56x48x33 cm
Dimensions prepared to work 108x48x33 cm
Weight 53kg
Mounting type Flat surface or tow hitch (BS ISO 1103:2007) using mounting bracket
Tension range: 0-130daN
Rewind motor power 1.5 KW
Collected line detection Yes
Remote control cable length 5 m
Power cable length 6 m
Tow line capacity (Dyneema 2,5 mm) 1600 m (2.6 mm)
Recommended battery capacity >≧55 Ah
Instant line cut system – guillotine Yes
Max towing altitude 1100m
Operating temperature -20 to +35C